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Creative Consulting & Coaching

With an extensive background in creative arts, we provide a unique outlook to problem solving and project management. We boast a cumulative 20+ years in consulting and coaching.

Our primary objectives are to maintain a high level of quality service, create partnerships with purpose, and help maintain the beauty of our neighborhood and community.

When you work with our Homes by RAH team, you can expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency.


Want to learn more? Contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation.

About: About Me

Why design?

Growing up with a strong connection to the arts & creativity, I often sketched houses and built 3D models of my favorite buildings that I discovered in my encyclopedias. In middle school, I eagerly participated in a city-wide competition, where my home design was awarded the opportunity to be displayed on a company’s billboard. This inspired me to enroll in four years of architecture courses in High school, and thereafter into the College of Architecture at my University. 

Despite pursuing other majors, interests, & hobbies, I would eventually find my way back to design through my work in Real Estate. Upon acquiring my license in Georgia in 2018, I rediscovered my deep appreciation for interiors after undertaking a full home renovation project. I haven’t looked back since.

Why consulting?

When I come across homes that are on the market for longer than they should, it peaks my interest. As an avid researcher, my first instinct is to figure out what factors are at play. My team and I are then able to develop customized design, staging, and marketing strategies that will resolve the issue. 


I have a deep passion for people, so I try to approach all projects with attentive care & a focused attention to detail.

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Bedroom Cabinet
Bright and Modern Kitchen
Black and White Throw Blanket
Bright and Modern Kitchen
Modern Bathroom
Bedroom Interior
Modern Interior Design
Organic Interior
Modern Living Room
Decorated Bedroom
Cozy Living Room
Throw Pillows
Boho Style Bedroom
Modern Bathroom
Luxury Villa
White Bedroom Concept
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